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Ok guys, we will now tell you

The true story
about Otto’s O.F.B.

We, that is Alex, Julia and
Nils (the three on the right in the picture).
And our father Otto (on the left)… of course!
But we’ll get to him later.

The starting point of our first mission was the moment we sat around
the table and thought „’s ok, but I've had better steak…

put on the

Well, ok, ok. Some time passed by inbetween,
but you want an awesome story, right?!

Ok. Giving it to you straight.

As food maniacs
that have all lived in the US, we knew
the secret behind an awesome steak:

the right temperature!

But such a thing is maybe a
a little too big for the balcony isn’t it?

Allright, then
the blow torch?!
Oh nooo..

So we asked ourselves:

What would Otto do
in your position?

The solution had to be between these extremes.
Something that enables maniacs, like us, to transform a good piece of meat into pure pleasure.
So, we put down the blow torch and started thinking.

And that is when we teamed up with Otto and developed Otto’s O.F.B. together.

We love good food and we love grilling.

That’s why we want to set new grilling benchmarks and provide all grill lovers with the tools of the pros so that they can create ideal grilling results. Therefore, we want to develop a series of high performance specialty grills.
Otto’s O.F.B. is the result of our first mission.

Mission 1
The perfect

Now we proudly present:


Otto's O.F.B. view from the front

No DIY store grill and no mishmash.
Otto’s O.F.B. brings steakhouse quality to your home.
For this purpose, we put product development
and design at the center of our endeavor.

Best quality made in Germany –
you have Otto’s word on it.



Cheers guys!

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