Otto’s Electric O.F.B.


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The perfect steak in your kitchen

Indoor Grilling with Otto’s Electric O.F.B.

Otto’s Electric O.F.B. is the second grill engineered by Otto Wilde: Otto’s Electric O.F.B. uses two separately adjustable infrared heating elements that can reach temperatures of up to 800°C within five minutes. Conventional grills only get up to ~400°C. Thanks to the extreme temperatures and the even heat distribution from above, your steaks will get a perfect crust while remaining tender and juicy on the inside. And the best thing is: you can connect Otto’s Electric O.F.B. to a common power socket (220-240V). Otto’s Electric O.F.B. is certified for indoor usage, allowing you to grill the perfect steak in your kitchen. The combination with sous vide is now even more convenient.

With Power Boost to 800°C

Otto’s Electric O.F.B. has two separately adjustable infrared heating elements. In normal operation the heating elements reach temperatures of 650°C, achieving an output of 1500 Watt. With the Power Boost function the power of one heating element at a time can be increased to 2000 Watt, resulting in temperatures of up to 800°C. You can choose which one of the two heating elements you want to boost. That way, you can give your steak that perfectly seared crust.

Enough space for all cuts and easy clean-up

The spacious grill grate offers enough space for all cuts, even the biggest Porterhouse steak. The removable top gives unparalleled cleaning access, making it easier than ever to clean your grill after using it. The grill grate height can be flexibly adjusted with the detachable lever.

Ottos Elektrogrill

Compatible with the Gas O.F.B.

Thanks to its modular design you can easily transform your Gas O.F.B. into an Electric O.F.B and vice versa, simply by exchanging the top unit. Except for the heating elements all features of the O.F.B. remain the same, making all equipment 100% compatible. Otto’s Electro O.F.B. is made in Germany.

You already are a proud owner of Otto’s O.F.B.? Why not just get the Electric top unit!

What you get

The whole lot of Otto’s Grillstand

O.F.B. Lieferumfang

  • Electric O.F.B. with infrared heating elements
    The heating elements made from quartz have a power output of 3300 Watt and reach temperatures of 800°C in 5 minutes
  • Power cable for 220-240V connection
    Isn’t that convenient? Otto’s Electric O.F.B. can be connected to a conventional power socket (socket should be rated for 16A)
  • Stainless steel drip tray
    Moving Drip tray for collecting meat juices
  • Cast iron grill grate
    Solid 12.8 x 10.4in/32,5 x 26,5cm cast iron grid – enough room even for the biggest Porterhouse
  • Multi-purpose tool lever
    Height adjustment, grid allocation and bottle opener – all in one

Good to know

Front view Otto's O.F.B. Over-fired Broiler

Outer values

Size Width 42,5cm x depth 44,0cm x height 29,5cm
Corpus material Stainless steel
Weight 18 kg
Zeichnung Einzelteile Ottos O.F.B.

Inner values

Burner Two separately adjustable infrared heating elements
Power  3300 Watt
Power connection 220-240V/ 50/60Hz for connection with conventional power socket (rated at 16A)
Temperature range Up to 800°C
Grid size 32,5 x 26,5cm
Material grid Cast iron
Certification and security seal

Certification & Security

CE certified for indoor use
Two year guarantee on all parts