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Ansicht Ottos O.F.B.

A good piece of meat deserves the best possible preparation. Otto’s O.F.B. (Over-Fired Broiler) is the best way to the perfect steak:

  • Made in Germany

    Made in Germany

    Elegant product design: Otto's O.F.B. gas grill combines maximum functionality with sleek and innovative product design. It is a true quality product made in Germany.
  • Spacious grill grate

    Spacious grill grate

    Enough room for all cuts: The spacious cast iron grill grate offers enough room for all common beef cuts, even for the biggest Porterhouse or Tomahawk steak. So that you can feed all your friends. The grill grate is also available in stainless steel in our shop.
  • 900°C/1500°F


    Two burners: The two infrared gas burners can be adjusted separately. After only 3 minutes of pre-heating the burners reach temperatures of over 900˚C/1500˚F. Like this, your steak gets a nice crust from the outside while its center remains tender and juicy. Otto’s O.F.B. works on propane gas and is certified for outdoor use.
  • Easy cleaning

    Easy cleaning

    Removable top for easy cleaning: The top unit of Otto's O.F.B. is removable, so that you can easily take it off by opening the buckles at the back of the grill. This way you can easily clean the grill from the inside.
  • Drip tray and heat shield

    Drip tray and heat shield

    To make cleaning the grill as easy as possible, Otto designed a moving drip tray, which minimizes fat splashes inside the grill. An extricable heat shield protects the table from the infrared heat and dropping meat juices. Both pieces can be washed in the dish washer after use.
  • Flexible height adjustment

    Flexible height adjustment

    The height of the grill grate can be adjusted precisely and flexibly using the lever. This makes the grill particularly versatile and you can also use it to grill pizza, fish or vegetables.
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Why 900°C/1500°F

The secret behind a perfect steak lies in the right temperature. After only a few minutes of preheating, Otto’s O.F.B. reaches temperatures of over 900°C/1500°F. At these high temperatures, your steak gets a delicious crust from the outside (Maillard reaction), while remaining tender and moist from the inside. With Otto’s O.F.B. you produce steak results that cannot be replicated with any other cooking method.

O.F.B. stands for Over-Fired Broiler, meaning that the heat comes from above. At the core of Otto’s O.F.B. are two infrared gas units, emitting their heat from the top. This ensures an even distribution of the heat on the meat’s surface – as opposed to conventional bottom heat, where dropping meat juices and fat disturb the heat distribution. Thanks to this innovative technology, your steak will be ready within a few minutes – including the pre-heating time. The two gas units are separately and stagelessly adjustable, making the O.F.B. an incredibly versatile grill: Next to steak, the O.F.B. is also perfect for grilling vegetables, fish and even pizza.

Otto’s O.F.B. is certified for commercial outdoor use. Thanks to the extricable heat shield the table surface is protected from the temperature. Otto’s O.F.B. works on propane gas that you can get in any Do-It-Yourself store.

For its outstanding product design Otto‘s O.F.B. was awarded the German Design Award 2018.

Other Grills

The perfect steak? No way. The temperature is insufficient to give your steak a perfect crust and produce ideal grilling results.


At these high temperatures, your steak gets a delicious crust from the outside (Maillard reaction), while remaining tender and moist from the inside. Real heat for real meat!

Long waiting times

Pre-heating and grilling times make your stomach growl.. you will be full of sides by the time your food is ready.

5 Minutes - done!

After only a few minutes of pre-heating, your O.F.B. is ready to use and thanks to the high temperatures your meal will be ready in a breath.

Bottom heat

Heat distribution is disturbed by dropping meat juices and fat, leading to unevenly cooked steaks.

Over-fired Broiler

The heat comes from the top and gets distributed evenly on the meat surface, leading to perfect grill results.


Little specialization, lots of mainstream. That’s not you, right?

Made in Germany

German engineering combined with elegant product design: Otto’s O.F.B. is not only a premium grill but also a true headturner.

What you get

The whole lot of Otto’s O.F.B. Over-fired Broiler

O.F.B. Lieferumfang

  • Gas hose with commercial regulator
    3ft long rubber gas hose with hose breakage protection and commercial regulator – admitted for commercial use
  • Stainless steel drip tray
    Moving Drip tray for collecting meat juices
  • Cast iron grill grate
    Solid 12.8 x 10.4in/32,5 x 26,5cm cast iron grid – enough room even for the biggest Porterhouse
  • Multi-purpose tool lever
    Height adjustment, grid allocation and bottle opener – all in one

Good to know

Front view Otto's O.F.B. Over-fired Broiler

Outer values

Size Width 42,5cm/16.7in x depth 44,0cm/17.3in x height 29,5cm/11.6in
Corpus material Stainless steel
Weight 18 kg/39.7lbs
3D Drawing Otto's O.F.B. Over-fired Broiler

Inner values

Burner 2 separately adjustable infrared gas units
Gas type Propane
Ignition 2 piezo ignitors
Temperature range Up to 900°C/1500°F
Grid size 12.8 x 10.4in/32,5 x 26,5cm
Material grid Cast iron
Certification and security seal

Certification & Security

CE certified for outdoor use
Piezo ignition for both gas burners
Thermoelectric saftey valves

Our Customers

I love my Otto Wilde grill. In, out and done. I’m always on the go and time is short. I was shocked at the results.

Pat LaFrieda | America's most celebrated Butcher and Author "Meat, Everything You Need To Know"

The O.F.B. is simply the best Over-Fired Broiler. The size of its grill grate and two separately adjustable burners make it particularly versatile. Seriously: 95% of all German steak houses don’t produce such results! I am truly excited!

Thorsten Brandenburg | BBQPit


Again? Man, we thought we had clarified this. Trust us:

Otto gives you a two year guarantee on all parts!

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