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Otto’s Grilled Rainbow Trout

10 Min.
5 Min.

A whole grilled rainbow trout is a perfect fish to grill because it naturally has a lot of fat to keep it moist and juicy. On the Otto Grill, the roasted trout develops an aromatic and crunchy skin while lemon and parsley – the best seasoning for fish – add a fresh flavour on the inside.

Serves 4 people

Grilled Rainbow Trout
  • 4 gutted and cleaned trouts
  • 2 organic lemons
  • 1 bundle of flat parsley
  • Sea salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper


Grill rainbow trout on a gas grill!
Season the trout: put flat parsley and lemon zest in the cavity. Finish off with sea salt and black pepper.
Put the whole fish on the Otto Grill on the lowest temperature and grill it on each side for one to two minutes.
Serve the finished grilled rainbow trout, for example, with Otto’s grilled potato salad.


Prepare the Rainbow Trout

Trout doesn’t have to be skinned before grilling – the skin can be eaten along with the fish. Just rinse off the trout with water to remove potential slime residue. Dab the fish dry with some kitchen paper.


Best Fish Seasoning

Otto uses lemon and parsley as seasoning. Mince the flat parsley finely or use whole leaves if you prefer. Grate the peel of the organic lemons. Put parsley and lemon peel in the cavity of the fish, along with sea salt and ground black pepper. Slice the lemon into thin slices, halve the slices and put them inside the fish as well. The lemon slices are the best seasoning for fish as they add both flavour and moisture during grilling.


Preheat O.F.B.

Preheat the Otto Grill for two minutes to the lowest temperature. But, take the grid out first, so your trout doesn’t pre-cooked on the hot bars. You don’t need a special fish grill grate, simply oil the grid with a high smoke point oil (refined sunflower or rapeseed oil is well suited) and place the whole fish crosswise on the rack bars. Put the grill grate in the Otto Grill and set the Meat-o-Meter to level 5. The belly of the trout should face the opening of the grill.


How to Grill A Whole Trout

Grill the fish at the lowest temperature level – you don’t need any aluminium foil! As soon as the thickest part of the fish back is lightly browned, rotate the grilled rainbow trout 180° so that the belly side also gets golden-brown and crispy. After just under two minutes, flip the whole fish with grill tongs and grill for another one to two minutes. Then, turn off the infrared burners and let the grilled rainbow trout rest on the grill for one to two minutes. The trout is ready as soon as you can easily pull out the back fin.

More practical advice for grilled whole fish, as well as more fish and seafood knowledge, can be found in Otto’s blog post:

“grilling fish and seafood – the best tips and tricks!”


Best Trout Side Dishes

Your grilled rainbow trout is ready to serve! Otto recommends his grilled potato salad as a side dish.

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And now: enjoy!


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